Watts Creek

Camp Mardela is situated on Watts Creek, which ties into the Choptank River just a few miles west of the camp.

Because these rivers are tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay, the water is brackish (a mixture of salt and fresh), and also tidal. Any current the creek has is created by the rising and falling tides, and as a result the flow of the water actually changes direction twice a day.

The flat, slow moving waters offer a gentle and relatively safe setting for canoeing, especially for beginners. Fishing in the creek offers a variety of potential catches including largemouth bass, carp, perch, catfish, and the occasional rock fish.

Camp Mardela has 8 canoes available for rent. Persons wishing to rent the canoes should make arrangements in advance, and must follow Camp Mardela’s guidelines for use (see prices below).

Because of the inconsistent bottom of the creek, and also the presence of submerged debris, swimming in the creek is strictly prohibited.

* Groups wishing to rent canoes must first fill out a water safety agreement which lists the terms and rules governing canoe use.

For more information see our Rental Policies and Procedures.