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Click the “Subscribe” button. That will take you to the PayPal site, where information about your credit card is collected. If you want to Join Friends of Camp Mardela and make a monthly donation, you will need to sign up for a PayPal account if you don’t already have one. You pay no fee for using PayPal. PayPal does not share any information about your credit card with Camp Mardela, and PayPal promises never to share your information with anyone else. When the transaction is complete, PayPal credits Camp Mardela, Inc. with the amount of your donation and automatically notifies us of your contribution. You automatically receive a receipt via email when your credit card is charged. PayPal charges Camp Mardela a small fee for this service.

Other Ways to Help

If you would prefer to make your donation via a monthly check, you may mail your first donation to: Camp Mardela, Inc. P.O. Box 460, Denton, Maryland 21629.  Please include a note with your intent to become a “Friend of Camp Mardela” and the amount of monthly support that you plan to donate. Thank you!


Camp Mardela, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit charitable organization. Your donations will be tax deductible. We will send all our donors a statement in January summarizing their contributions during the previous year. Consult your tax preparer concerning the effect on your tax situation. EIN 32-0275432

Dear Friend of Camp Mardela,

I pray your year is off to a good start and that you are looking to things above rather than the negative we hear every day.

I met with Gieta a few weeks ago to have a conversation about a new fundraiser.  What I discovered was what a board member does not want to hear, “We only have 2 monthly givers to Camp Mardela.”  Are you surprised?  I sure was!  Non-profit organizations, faith based or otherwise depend on regular givers to assist with a balanced budget and for daily operational expenses.  Gieta estimates 50 givers throughout the year.  We are not counting those of you who support the camp through our various fundraisers.  Thank you for how you support Camp Mardela!

What we are asking people to consider is a monthly donation of $5 or more.  Our goal is 100 monthly givers!  If we have 100 people commit to $5 that would mean $6,000 in one full year.  This would be better than most of our fundraisers combined!

Chief Gieta told me a story which reminds us how one person can make a difference, however when we work together we make a collective difference.  During the Jr. High Winter Retreat last year, the group did some work around the camp.  One of the tasks they were asked to do was to help fill the kindling pile for BVS volunteer whose job it was to make fires throughout the year he was here.  Normally, the volunteer would have had to do this work each time he needed to make a fire.  The group of youth went around camp and within 15 minutes had enough kindling for the year and then some.  The pile can still be seen at the camp.  This group of youth and their chaperones lightened the load of the Camp Mardela staff.  They did in 15 minutes what would have taken hours for the volunteer to do on his own.  Hopefully, you have heard the saying, “Many hands make light the work.”  All of us working together on any project does “make light the work.”  It is no different for Camp Mardela.

As you ponder this story, think about how you might help Camp Mardela and its ministries this year and in the future.  Please help us continue to make a difference in the lives of children, teens, young adults and adults!

Jody Ellingson Gunn,  Minister

Thank you for being a friend.